Tárki ZRT. welcomes you to the Tárki Open Access Platform (TopAp)

TopAp aims to provide open access to TÁRKI's research results online, free of access fees and other barriers.

In the framework of TopAp, TÁRKI ZRT commits to:

  • We manage our research data responsibly in accordance with the FAIR principles of "discoverability", "accessibility", "interoperability" and "reusability". We follow the very reasonable principle of being "as open as necessary".
  • Open access to OTKA-funded scientific publications is provided by TARKI. The first step is always to ensure that all reports/revisions go through a clear and transparent internal peer review process. To this end, our reports are published on our website; the authors of OTKA reports are obliged to make the results available in full respect of the general principles of open access. Our OTKA-supported publications will in future be assigned a DOI number and linked to ORCID registrations.
  • We manage our research results in a transparent way that allows external validation of the conclusions of scientific publications and validation/reuse of our research data. Unedited publications such as reports will be immediately available under open licence on the project website. For peer-reviewed publications, we will choose channels that provide open access under an open licence at the time of publication.

The types of content that are included in TopAp:

  • the final reports from research studies
  • research documentation (questionnaires, research concepts, etc.).
  • the texts of articles, documents and monographs from the research published elsewhere and made openly accessible

TopAp does not contain microdata, which are deposited by the research managers in the Social Science Data Bank.

TÁRKI's TopAp is powered by Mendax Informatikai Kft.

Supported by the National Agency for Research Development and Innovation (NKFIH) in the framework of the OTKA project number K-135934; K-132293; NN-125715; K-129387; K-13248; K-125162.